Lumberton PD asks public for additional info on man accused of killing Hania Aguilar

LUMBERTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Lumberton Police and the FBI are asking the public for help in tracking the movements of the man accused in the kidnapping and death of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar during a critical stretch of November

Investigators hope to determine where Michael McLellan was from Nov. 4 to Nov. 18, the day before Hania was kidnapped to the day McLellan was booked into the Robeson County Detention Center.

The public is asked to contact Lumberton Police at (910) 671-3845 or (910) 671-3846 if you have any information about the following:

  • Where McLellan was Nov. 4-18
  • McLellan possessing a weapon.
  • Mr. McLellan possessing a yellow bandana.
  • The location of a yellow cinch sack McLellan is known to carry.
  • Photos of McLellan in possession of the yellow cinch sack.
  • Photos taken by you or by a direct contact of yours of McLellan in September, October, or November 2018.
  • McLellan in possession of two small TV monitors that fit in the headrest of a vehicle.
  • McLellan possessing white Adidas sneakers with three black stripes and distinctive, colorful stitching.

Hania was abducted from her home at the Rosewood Mobile Home Park in Lumberton on Nov. 5. Police said McLellan forced Hania into her family's SUV while she was warming it up to go to school.

Two days after she went missing, the FBI released surveillance video of the stolen SUV seen in Lumberton moments after her kidnapping.

Lumberton Junior HS students returned to school Thursday for the first time since finding out one of their classmates was killed

The following day, the SUV was located but Hania wasn't in it.

A body was discovered on Nov. 27 in Robeson County in a place not visible from the road.

Results of tests from the FBI's lab at Quantico on the stolen SUV recovered and preliminary results from the North Carolina State Crime Lab on Hania's body resulted in the charges.

McLellan, 34, is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree forcible rape, statutory rape of a person under 15 years of age or younger, first-degree sexual offense, statutory sex offense with a person 15 years or younger, first-degree kidnapping, felony larceny, felony restraint, abduction of child and concealment of a death.

McLellan had already been in custody since Nov. 13, when he was arrested on charges stemming from a separate case.

According to the arrest warrant, McLellan was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, second-degree kidnapping and attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon stemming from an incident on Oct. 15 in which he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman and attempted to steal her car and money.

McLellan is being held in Raleigh Central Prison under no bond.

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The judge also said McLellan could face the death penalty in the case.

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By Lumberton PD

Se pide al público que comunique al Departamento de Policía de Lumberton al 910-671-3845 o al 910-671-3846 si tiene información relacionada a lo siguiente:

  • Dónde estaba Michael McLellan entre el 4 de noviembre de 2018 y el 13 de noviembre de 2018
  • El Sr. McLellan en posesión de un arma
  • El Sr. McLellan en posesión de un pañuelo amarillo
  • La localización de una bolsa con cordón amarilla la cual es sabido que llevaba el Sr. McLellan. Las fotos de McLellan donde él sale con una bolsa con cordón amarilla
  • Fotos del Sr. McLellan tomadas en septiembre, octubre o noviembre de 2018 por usted o por alguien a quien usted conoce
  • El Sr. McLellan en posesión de dos monitores pequeños que se montan sobre el cabezal de un vehículo
  • El Sr. McLellan en posesión de zapatillas deportivas Adidas con tres rayas negras y cosido distintivo de colores (véase foto a continuación)

El 5 de noviembre de 2018 Hania fue obligada a montar el vehículo todoterreno (SUV) ya prendido perteneciente a un familiar y secuestrada del camino de la entrada de su residencia en el parque para casas rodantes Rosewood Mobile Home Park en Lumberton. El Laboratorio del FBI en Quantico realizó una examinación del vehículo todoterreno robado hallado el 8 de noviembre de 2018. El Laboratorio de Criminalística del Estado de Carolina del Norte proporcionó los resultados preliminares de las pruebas del cadáver de Hania, hallado el 27 de noviembre de 2018. Una investigación criminal rigorosa y los resultados de las pruebas, incluso algunos recibidos el 7 de diciembre de 2018, dieron lugar a los cargos de delitos mayores actuales a continuación:

Asesinato en primer grado
Violación en primer grado
Violacion en contra de un menor de 15 años de edad o menos (Estupro)
Delito sexual en primer grado
Delito sexual en contra de un menor de 15 años de edad o menos
Secuestro en primer grado
Hurto mayor
Privación de libertad-felonia
Rapto de un menor
Encubrimiento de una muerte

McLellan se encuentra bajo custodia en la prisión Raleigh Central sin posibilidad de fianza.
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