Boy surfing in Florida gets surprise, uninvited rider when manatee joins him

Saturday, July 16, 2022
Manatee takes joyride on boy's surfboard in Florida
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A boy in Florida is surprised when a Manatee hitches a ride on his surfboard.

FLORIDA -- A boy in Florida is surprised when a Manatee hitches a ride on his surfboard in the Fort Pierce Inlet.

Lisa Blais shared the video of her son on her Facebook page of the moment that happened on July 4th.

Blais was with her husband and their twin sons, Evan and Logan, surfing in the inlet.

Blais said two manatees appeared and began swimming around the boys, even though they tried to avoid them. Blais' husband grabbed his GoPro as one of the manatees came closer to Evan.

"I was kind of scared because of how big it was. But it put its nose up on my board. I kind of got off of it. And then it like put his flipper on my board, and I got off my board because it put his flipper on it. Then after I got off there was another manatee under me. It was really cool, because I had never seen a manatee before," Evan said.

Blais said she initially thought the manatee it was a shark and was a little scared. But it appeared to just want to play.

She said the two manatees stayed around for about 10 minutes.

The boys said they were glad it wasn't a shark, and they celebrated their 11th birthday the next day.