It's National Hug Your Boss Day! Give your boss an awkward hug!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

It's National Hug Your Boss Day! August 22nd is the one day of the year where all workers are asked to acknowledge and appreciate the personal sacrifices a manager or employer makes for his employees. The biggest sacrifice most likely being the least popular on any given day, and having all of company morale rest on their shoulders.

While the public display of affection may be inappropriate during the average work day, the pre-mandated schedule of the hug should make it less awkward. After all, it's mandatory. Though while the hug may be an uncomfortable act for many, try embracing the act as an opportunity to show your boss you don't actually hate their guts. And if you do hate their guts, today is an opportunity to hide that fact with a kind act, and try to promote exceptional synergy with your direct superiors.

So capitalize on this viable opportunity of a reputation-building engagement with your boss. With a strong commitment to adding value to the recipient's corporate experience, it's a sound strategy with a guaranteed ROI.

Will you hug your boss today? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.