Circus Arts Studio in Raleigh taps new trend in fitness

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- If getting in shape is one of your New Years Resolutions, and you are looking for a new workout, perhaps aerial dance and fitness classes at Cirque De Vol Circus Arts Studio on Hargett Street in downtown Raleigh can do the trick.

"A lot of people think you need a lot of strength to do it and you have to have some kind of training to start into it," explained Hoop Dance Instructor and Performer, Paige LaWall.

"But, it's really easy to walk in the door and just start playing on silks. Kids and adults alike can do it," LaWall said.

Cirque de Vol Studios is a creative movement and circus arts school with after school programs, circus camps, birthday parties, fitness and aerial dance classes that become very popular this time of year.

"Its more of how you use your body together," said LaWall. "So, if you're using your body efficiently,if you're stepping up and using the technique, holds, and way the silks brace your body-you don't have to really have a whole lot of strength." she said.

Studio owner Sheryl Howell points out, there is something for everyone looking for a new form of expression and exercise.

"It's not just silks," Howell said. "We do trapeze, hula hooping, flow toys, yoga, meditation, acrobatic yoga-where they have a partner and they do poses on each other, and
lots and lots of games!"

Evening, early morning, and lunch hour classes are available for adults. After-school programs, circus camps and birthday parties are available for Ages 5+.

For more information on Cirque de Vol Studios click HERE.

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