Childress on home break-in: 'Thank God and our Second Amendment'

DAVIDSON COUNTY, North Carolina -- For the first time, NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Childress is speaking out about an attempted break-in at his home in December, WSOC reports.

Childress told deputies he shot at three burglars as they were trying to break in.

"All I can say is thank God and our Second Amendment that I was able to have a firearm in my home to protect my wife and my family," Childress said.

Authorities said surveillance video showed the suspects trying to get into Childress's Davidson County home.

Deputies identified the three suspects as 20-year-old Niquan Victorin, 18-year-old Chantz Kade Hines, and 18-year-old Armeka Vantonne.

Niquan Victorin,Chantz Kade Hines, and Armeka Vantonne Spinks (from left to right)

Credit: Davidson County Sheriff's Office