FTC warns online jewelry stores about 'misleading' advertisements

Federal officials are cracking down on jewelers who may be guilty of false advertising.

The Federal Trade Commission sent official warnings to eight online jewelry companies. The companies advertise their products on social media and video sites, and the FTC said some of those ads may be misleading to consumers.

Investigators found several ads that suggest diamonds and gemstones were taken from mines when they were really made in a lab.

The FTC has not named the companies, but said those that do not comply with federal advertising rules could have to pay fines.

Officials have an online jewelry buying guide with more information about how to make sure you're purchasing real gems.

Experts say before buying jewelry online you should make sure to compare quality, price and service from several different businesses. You should also search for complaints and reviews about the company. Finally make sure you understand what phrases like "natural," "lab-created," and "imitation" mean when it comes to jewelry.
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