Archeologists excavate at the North Carolina State Capitol

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The North Carolina Office of State Archeology kicked off their field investigation and dig at the State Capitol on Thursday.

Researchers are surveying the Capitol Square from one corner to the next using ground-penetrating radar and sifting through samples of topsoil for potential eighteenth and nineteenth century artifacts.

"If we can get an idea on where the original ground surface was, we know how deep we need to dig to find artifacts deposited at that time," Assistant State Archeologist, John Mintz explained.

The team has already collected samples of what might be old brick, ceramic, and glass to be studied and dated in the hopes of learning more about the buildings and people who may have occupied the space centuries ago.

Mints says understanding the behavior of the people of that time and what drew them to Raleigh is what interests him most about the project.

"Understand the Raleigh occupants of the past, visitors of the past, and it can help us with the interpretation of the capital today," Mintz said.
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