Wake County DA declines to press charges against Raleigh police officers in arrest video

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The Wake County District Attorney's Office declined to press charges against the officers involved in the arrest of Frederick Hall, whose encounter with police was caught on cell phone video last week.

District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said that "while the incident is unfortunate and troubling to watch, law enforcement officers are authorized under the law to use force to stop an attack when necessary."

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She continued: "In this case, officers twice attempted to subdue Mr. Hall by using a taser prior to using other force. The actions of the officers involved in this incident do not rise to the level of a criminal assault."

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The City of Raleigh also released dash and body cam for the incident on Monday. (WARNING: Some may find this video, and language used in this video, disturbing)

View more of the videos released here.

In the videos, Hall can be seen swinging at officers, sometimes hitting them.

When one officer shocked Hall with a stun gun, the swings kept coming.

Once on the ground, an officer could be seen kicking Hall.

Police say that only happened after he bit an officer's leg.

Court documents show he is accused of assaulting five officers -- injuring four of them.

He also faces a variety of other charges after police say he abandoned his car in the middle of the road. They also thought he might be impaired.

Over the weekend, his family said he has suffered from mental illness for years.

He has been arrested numerous times since 1991 and has been charged before with resisting arrest and assaulting police officers.