Partial settlement in North Carolina State Fair ride accident lawsuit

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Members of a family injured when the Vortex ride malfunctioned at the North Carolina State Fair in 2013 have reached a partial settlement for an undisclosed amount of money with three of the four defendants they sued in April.

Anthony and Kisha Gorham, Justen Hunter and Shykema Dempsey hired well-known attorney Willie Gary to represent them after the accident, which they said destroyed their lives. Anthony Gorham suffered brain and spinal cord injuries.

The settlement is with Family Attractions Amusement, LLC, ride owner Joshua Macaroni, and ride operator Timothy Tutterrow.

The lawsuit against Powers Great American Midway remains.

Investigators allege the ride was tampered with to bypass safety systems. Macaroni and Tuttertow were charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The Macaroni family patriarch, Dominic Macaroni, released the following statement: "The Gorham family is constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I hope this settlement will help provide them with the support and resources they need."

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