'Officer down:' 911 traffic released from night Raleigh officer is shot

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It's a call no one in law enforcement wants to hear.

"We need all units now. Shot in the neck! Officer down!"

Raleigh police released the radio traffic from Wednesday night's shooting that paints a picture of what happened before and after Officer Charles Ainsworth was shot.

As soon as he was shot, officers converged on the scene in Southwest Raleigh and did what they could to help their injured brother while searching for the suspect.

"Go toward Deboy! Go toward Deboy!" one officer said, as he radioed for Fire and EMS to come to the area around Deboy Street. "I got one here on the ground. Someone stand here with me!"

Officers also are heard broadcasting a description of the suspect of Cedric Kearney, 24, over the radio--the man now charged with attempted murder and assault on two law enforcement officers.

Officer Ainsworth and other Raleigh officer were trying to stop a car that had been stolen in a recent carjacking. Officers were arresting another suspect, Antonio Fletcher, 21, while Kearney ran and shot at officers.

An intense pursuit followed.

"We need units on Schaub as well if he backtracks this way! We need units on Schaub, and we might as well get some on 440 as well."

Officers eventually found Kearney hiding in a shed on Wendy Lane, but they had to keep the neighborhood locked down for several hours.

"If you have pedestrians coming out of their homes or citizens coming out of their homes, please direct them back into their homes," one officer said. "Please don't let them come out and walk around."
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