Second Amendment supporters rally in Hillsborough

Saturday, July 21, 2018

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Over 100 people gathered outside of the Old Orange County Courthouse today for the Orange County Second Amendment rally.

A light sprinkle fell from a grey sky. A line of speakers rallied the crowd. Among those speakers was Mark Robinson, a man some would say is controversial.

"So tell all of those leftists out there, like it or not, we're here. We're staying here." Robinson said to the crowd, "You might as well get used to us because we're not going anywhere."

Ashley Campbell is a co-organizer of the rally.

"We really wanted to have this event because I feel like supporters of the second amendment in Orange County don't get to have their voices heard very often," she said.

Warning signs surrounded the premise. "No weapons" it reads, per code. Those in attendance were encouraged to wear an empty gun holster.

"That's to protest both the county ordinance that ban firearms from courthouse property as well as a state statute that forbids them at political rallies and protests like this event," Campbell said.

Not all in the crowd were left or right of the gun debate.

Christopher Smith is purple. He aims not to take sides but to learn from his Orange County neighbors.

"I think we're really different in many ways," Smith said. "I thought I needed to come do my part and come down here. I thought I'd ask some people what they think. I don't have answers... it's been kind of nice. Everybody's been pleasant with me."