Fayetteville woman recalls rabid fox attack on her porch

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Martha Dotson headed out for her second round of rabies shots Tuesday afternoon.

She recalled the moment a rabid fox approached as she sat on her porch enjoying the sunshine.

"All of a sudden this fox came out of nowhere. All I saw was teeth coming at me," said Dotson. "It was snarling."

Cumberland County Animal Control reports show the rabid fox scratched Dotson and bit her son's left ankle.

Records stated the fox died while in transit to the Animal Control facility.

The two victims are seeking post-rabies exposure treatment at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

"Just be safe and watch everything that's going on. You never know if there will be something there," said Dotson.

This is the first case of rabies in Cumberland County in 2019.
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