Hillsborough police search for mother of fetus found near sewer pump station

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A disturbing discovery on Friday morning has Hillsborough authorities searching for a woman who may need medical attention.

One of the town's utility workers found a fetus while cleaning the sewer pump station at 2115 Orange Grove Road.

Thayer Jordan, whose apartment overlooks the pump station area, describes what he saw Friday as "kind of weird."

Fetus found at Hillsborough sewer pump station, police search for mother

"The police down there, and the Hillsborough water department down there. I couldn't tell what was going on," until he read about it in the paper, he said.

The state medical examiner's office has the fetus now, and police said they want to sit down with mother soon.

While they're are asking for tips, they don't want to arrest anyone.

They're concerned with the health of the mother, especially if a miscarriage or an assault led to Friday's discovery.

"And I don't know where or who they might have been," said Jordan. "I hope they can find her."

Police said they've identified a part of town where the fetus may have come from, but now they still need to hear from someone who knows something about the mother.

Call Lt. Davis Trimmer at 919-296-9525 if you have information that can help them determine who was involved.
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