Animal rights group calls dairy milk a white supremacist symbol

Dairy milk is a symbol of white supremacists, according to the animal rights group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA made the claim for the second time last Friday, October 19th, in a retweet of a blog post from 2017.

In that post PETA writes, 'Before you pour a glass of the "white stuff," please remember that it isn't the "right stuff."'

PETA says cow's milk is the "perfect drink for all supremacists." The group defends that accusation by saying the milk industry "inflicts extreme violence" on the cows to get the milk.

While PETA's anger against milk is because of the way the industry treats cows, another group is concerned about how white supremacists are turning milk into a symbol of hate. Geneticists are worried about white supremacists taking and twisting their research. A recent article in the New York Times (titled 'Why White Supremacists Are Chugging MIlk?), points to far right writers using genetic research into a gene that controls adults' ability to digest lactose.
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