Man from Middlesex wins $2 million in Powerball drawing

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Monday, October 2, 2023
$2 million Powerball ticket sold in Zebulon
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Monday's Powerball jackpot is now at $1.04 billion.

ZEBULON, N.C. (WTVD) -- A $3 Powerball ticket bought in Zebulon turned into $2 million for Robert Crumel of Middlesex.

"I called my whole family, all my kids," Crumel said. "I won on numbers I picked from birthdays of my kids and grandkids."

Those birthdays really turned out to be lucky numbers for Crumel, who matched all five white balls in the Sept. 30 Powerball drawing.

Crumel's winning ticket, which he bought at the Murphy Express on East Gannon Avenue, was one of only two in the entire country. After taxes, Crumel took home $1,425,012.

"I've been playing Powerball ever since it came out," Crumel said. "I kept on playing, never gave up, and my day finally came."

Crumel plans to share his winnings with his family -- as after all it was their birthdays that helped him win the jackpot anyway.

Nobody in the country matched all of the balls in the Powerball drawing, which means the jackpot continues to climb. Monday's Powerball drawing is now worth $1.04 billion.