Neighbors outraged after woman gets naked, pees by car

HOUSTON, Texas -- A video of a woman stripping in broad daylight to urinate is catching the attention of residents in southeast Houston.

In the video, you can see a woman strip and then squat next to a vehicle.

The incident was captured on the home surveillance camera of Frank Gonzalez.

"Her car was parked right in this area, right where this black car is parked right now," Gonzalez explained. "So, she came right up here and parked. First, she took off her shoes, her top, her pants, then squatted next to her car and urinated."

Houston police said the woman's actions warrant a urinating in public citation and possibly indecent exposure.

Homeowners don't want it happening again in their neighborhood.

"We don't want her to go to jail. I mean, we just want someone to talk to her. And if she needs help, get her that help because obviously if you're urinating in the middle of the street, then something's not right."
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