Pro-Palestinian protesters host rally in Moore Square for 3rd straight week

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Monday, October 30, 2023
Pro-Palestinian protesters host rally in Moore Square for 3rd week
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Protesters met in Raleigh again Sunday to support Palestinian freedom.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- For the third straight week, large protest took place in downtown Raleigh.

Protesters met in Moore Square again Sunday to support Palestinian freedom. It comes as efforts to bring home Israeli hostages heat up as well as grassroots fundraising to support Israel.

The organizers of the events over the last three weeks have said they'll continue demonstrating as long as it takes. They continue to speak out, calling for a cease-fire and a de-escalation in Gaza.

As the war between Israel and Hamas rages on, we've seen support for Israel ratchet up as well. Sunday afternoon, a gathering was held by the Jewish Federation to help fundraise for the war.

Last week, the federation says the community helped raise nearly $150,000 locally.

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Meanwhile, in Moore Square, protesters called out U.S support for Israel and held up signs for a protest set to take place in Washington, DC next weekend.

ABC11 spoke with a local rabbi and Palestinian American present at the rally about where things stand nearly a month after fighting began.

"We just need people to understand it's because we're occupied, we're oppressed," protester Sarena Triesh said. "No country should control other peoples' water and electricity. So when they say, 'we just cut off their water', Why do they even have access to do that?"

"I would urge them to focus on the 220 hostages right now that Hamas is holding. I can't imagine a greater threat to innocent Palestinians, and innocent Israelis in this war right now than Hamas holding those hostages," rabbi of Judea Reform Congregation Matthew Soffer said.

Both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian groups have been actively organizing sign-ups, fundraisers, and rallies across the triangle in the weeks since the war started.