Real Housewives of RDU: All the fun, without the drama

The Real Housewives of Raleigh/Durham. Yes, that's a thing, or a group, newly formed in the Triangle.

You may be used to seeing or hearing about the catfights, flipped tables, and epic meltdowns on any "Real Housewives Show" on "Bravo." But the Real Housewives of Raleigh/Durham is a new networking group.

Women mingle and enjoy the Real Housewives of Raleigh/Durham's March event.

Heather Barton writes for the Housewives of Raleigh/Durham blog and just started organizing networking mixers around the Triangle for women to come together. Barton says the blog focuses on local events, businesses, products, recipes, and anything women in the Triangle are interested in. And the mixer is a way for women to network with other women.


Barton says women in the Triangle are ambitious and focused. I asked her how would she describe a Raleigh/Durham Housewife.

"Positive, driven, business oriented, really focused on what they want," Barton said.

Women mingle and enjoy the Real Housewives of Raleigh/Durham's last event, held in March.

She's trying to tap into what they want and bring it to them on the blog and through the networking events. She says the group isn't limited to wives, mothers, or stay-at-home moms - it's for anyone. She's even had men at her events.

So whether you want to get out of the house or office and meet other women from across the Triangle, shop and network, the Real Housewives of Raleigh/Durham could be for you.

Their April event was tonight at 6 p.m. at Carolina Ale House in Brier Creek. If you couldn't make it, don't worry, there will be another one soon,

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