Raleigh motorcycle group donate warm clothes to Salvation Army

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- When the weather's nice, you'll hear the roar of motorcycles echo along Triangle roads and highways.

Those who travel along Capital Boulevard nay have noticed more than a dozen shiny big bikes Saturday in the parking lot of the Salvation Army of Wake County.

They belong to members of the Raleigh Ruff Ryders, the local chapter of a nationwide group of motorcycle enthusiasts, and those riders came bearing donations.

Michelle "Hot-yce" Reed smiled as she crunched the number of Ruff Ryder donations for ABC11: "Actually about a hundred coats, a hundred hats and gloves and we also have cash donations."

"Thank you for coming out! I know you've been coming out every fall," said a grateful Chris Carlson of the Salvation Army, "and we just really appreciate it."

How did the Ruff Ryders come up with the annual donation to the charity?

"It was a prospect," said Reed, referring to someone who wanted to get involved with the group, "and they came up with this idea, as a way to bring acknowledgement of the things they were doing. Donations, and things of that nature. And we just continued it, every year after that!"

Their annual donations arrived, coincidentally, on the weekend when temperatures finally started dropping to the point where coats or jackets may be needed in days to come.

"Every day we take donations to the Salvation Army. and we're so very happy to have that opportunity. We appreciate the Ruff Ryders comin' out," said Carlson as the members saddled up after delivering the coats.

"We'll see you next year! Definitely see you next year," Reed promised. "Appreciate you!"
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