Nonprofit raises money to aid domestic violence survivors during lockdown

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Health crisis or not, a new fund is working to raise money for victims of domestic violence by properly equipping them with the tools needed to get back on their feet.

"Survivors in all parts of the state face tremendous barriers to seeking and receiving help. We are hearing story after story of victims who are isolated at home in dangerous conditions, at a time when our intervention and response infrastructures are operating at drastically reduced capacity," said Sherri Honeycutt Everett of the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADC).

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The call to deploy a new lifeline comes as lockdowns across America cause a horrifying surge in house calls.

"We were on a call with one of our counties and that county was able to compare their stats and showed a 106 percent increase in their requests for services," Everett said.

Thursday the organization is raising $25,000 for "A Night of Safety."

"This fundraiser is really designed to raise awareness for the public around what the costs for sheltering survivors and assisting survivors really are," said Everett.

Here's a snapshot of the costs:

One-hundred and fifty dollars nets enough money for a 3-night hotel room with an interior hallway The time at which an individual or family group flees a domestic violence situation is the most dangerous. A three-night stay in this setting will afford survivors time to breathe and plan next steps while safely isolating by family unit.

Fifty dollars is enough for one week of groceries For individuals seeking shelter, short-term provisions become an immediate priority. $50 sets a family up for the first week.

25 dollars raises enough for a prepaid calling card for a prepaid cell phone Survivors are often isolated from loved ones by abusive partners as a means to compromise social connections and control perceived "threats" to subordination. A prepaid phone could allow for contacting family and friends, aligning services, and tending to other personal needs while making a plan to seek safety

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