6-year-old Chapel Hill Motocross star ready to take on the nation's best

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- As you'd maybe expect from a 6-year-old, Carter Schutte keeps it simple. When asked what he likes about riding motorcycles, he went straight for the neck:

"Going fast and jumping really high!"

These things are all relative at his size of course, but for his size, Carter is a lightning bolt.

"He took to it so fast that it was ... this kid's got it," his dad, Dakota Smith, told ABC11.

A rider himself, Smith couldn't be happier.

"My dad started it, so I wanted to try to do it," explained Carter, who was on a dirt bike by age 4.

"I wanted to pass it on and him taking to it was probably the best thing I could imagine, you know? That's all I ask for."

Carter's just the first wave, too. His 4-year-old brother Simon already rides and little sister Emmie Kate has been dirtside since 9 days old. Big bro is the show for now though. He's qualified for the Loretta Lynn Nationals in Tennessee in August.

"I've gotten really good at holding my breath for like, a solid three and a half minutes while it's all taking place" Carter's mom, Lauren Elmore laughed. "Some races are a little bit more stressful than others."

Carter said he has endless things to work on but while racing and practicing, he's concentrating on four main principles of riding.

"Leg up high, balls of your feet, stay leaning back, wide open," he said.

Elmore added that "his athleticism really puts a lot of my worries at ease. We just know that he's going to go out there and do what he's supposed to do."

Carter has no shortage of confidence. Here's what's in his head at the starting gate of a race:

"I think I'm going to beat them."

He's usually right. There are pro dreams down the road -- but for now, it's just fun.

"If it goes there, it goes there and we're obviously going to push to get there" Smith said.

When asked "does it feel like you're flying?" he smiled wide. "Yes!"
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