Planning a Spring Break getaway? Beware of 'no refund' rentals

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, families are still booking their family getaway to the North Carolina coast this summer.

It's a tradition for many people to book a week at the beach and enjoy some fun in the sun. Last year and this year include planning for COVID-19 protections, but before you book you should also remember to protect your investment.

Last year during the stay-at-home order, many renters found themselves out thousands of dollars for a week beach rental that they couldn't get access to, and couldn't get their money back due to insurance not covering the pandemic.

We told you about problems renters faced with one rental company. Eventually, that rental company did offer refunds to frustrated customers after complaints piled up, but this is a good reminder to look closely at the cancellation policy and what happens if you can't get access to your rental or want to cancel, especially if the contract says no refunds.

"If I saw a listing that said no refunds under any circumstances once I signed up for it, I would definitely think twice," North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said. "I would shop around and see if there is any other renter or any other landlord out there who would at least be reasonable, because plans do change and in an era of coronavirus things can change dramatically."

Besides COVID-19, there is always a threat of a hurricane to the North Carolina coast every year, so the best advice is to get trip insurance, and look closely to see exactly what it covers, especially if there is a COVID-19 clause.
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