Meet Thumbelina! The adorable squirrel who is taking over the internet

NEW YORK CITY -- Thumbelina, the playful and mischievous squirrel, is taking over the internet with her adorable personality.

"She loves to play, sleep and her favorite thing in the entire planet is avocados. She's on an endless quest to find avocados," said Christina, a wildlife rehabilitator who saved Thumbelina with her husband Michael.

Thumbelina, who was rescued by Christina and Michael after her nest was destroyed by city construction in the Bronx, has been bringing a smile to her followers through her daily Instagram videos.

"We get so many private messages, even before the pandemic, many people who suffer with mental illness and depression feel like they have an outlet to watch and get some happiness. We are so grateful that we can do that," said Christina.

Even though the release of Thumbelina into the wildlife is never out of the question, Christina and Michael continue to assess her health day by day until she can finally be released.


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