Honey Bees thrive and stay busy at Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary farm in New Jersey

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Monday, June 28, 2021
Honey Bees thrive at family farm in New Jersey
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The 16-acre family farm is dedicated to the care of bees and the production of high-quality artisan honey products.

CHESTER, New Jersey -- The power of honey bees and their fascinating work is on full display at Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary in Chester, New Jersey.

The 16-acre family farm, dedicated to the care of bees and other animals, produces a variety of high-quality artisan honey and bee products.

"Honeybees are responsible for the pollination of basically most food, so without them, a lot of our food wouldn't be present in the grocery stores," said Ben Tolpa, Head Beekeeper at Sweet Cheeks.

The venture, which started as a typical animal farm and garden, has become a haven and educational spot on all things honey bees.

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Children of all ages and their parents learn first-hand and on-site the important role of bees in the food chain as well as their honey production process.

"There are so many things that come out of honey bee hives that are good for us and we're still learning how good and healing honey is," said Allison Tolpa, founder of Sweet Cheeks Farm and Apiary.

Their perfectly sliced honeycombs, bottled and flavored honey butter, bee pollen, honey soaps, and candles can all be purchased at various farmers' markets across New Jersey.

"It's a sustainable, beautiful product, and we're just giving it the respect it deserves," said Allison.

The Tolpa's hope that their passion for sustainable bee practices and farming can spread and inspire others to appreciate the power of nature and the magic of honey bees.


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