Biotech company creating 200 new jobs in $75 million RTP operation

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Texas-based biotechnology company is investing $75 million in a new manufacturing operation in Research Triangle Park that will create about 200 new jobs.

Taysha Gene Therapies makes treatments for diseases of the central nervous system.

"The pandemic has highlighted the importance of science and innovation to keep us healthy," Gov. Roy Cooper said in a statement. "Companies like Taysha Gene Therapies continue to expand in North Carolina because we have the scientists, skilled workers, and climate for innovation they need to tackle health care's toughest challenges."

Taysha has agreed to partner with local high schools and colleges in the hiring process and plans to support Durham-area businesses.

"We are excited to support Taysha Gene Therapies joining Durham's renowned life sciences ecosystem," said Brenda Howerton, chair of the Durham Board of County Commissioners in a statement. "Their background in diversity, local partnerships, and other shared values are welcome additions to our community, and we look forward to these jobs being available for our talented residents."

Taysha is receiving an economic incentive package from the state.

A Job Development Investment Grant agreement authorizes reimbursement to Taysha of $4.8 million based on tax revenue generated by the new jobs.

The governor's office estimates a $772 million economic impact of Taysha's investment during the 12-year term of the grant.
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