Fayetteville parents frustrated after structural issues close elementary school

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- T.C. Berrien Elementary students will be relocated to W. T. Brown in Spring Lake for the remainder of the school year because of structural issues. Changes are happening quickly and parents are being forced to adjust

T.C. Berrien's cafeteria was filled with parents and school administrators gathered to further discuss many of the new changes including the mold and structural issues.

Angry parents, mold concerns at soon-to-be-closed Fayetteville school

School will start and end earlier.

Because of the distance, all students are eligible to ride the school bus, which is a 15 minute longer route.

Overwhelmingly, parents questioned why students are being moved to a school so far.

"The parents feel like our word does not count. It doesn't matter. This move proves that," said one parent. "We were not brought to the table when everyone sat down and made plans. No one offered the parents to come in and say, 'Hey guys, how do you all feel about this move?"

"We wanted to be able to keep students and staff together. Based on availability and vacancies throughout the district, W.T. Brown was the best option," said CCS spokesman Lindsay Whitley.

School begins at W.T. Brown on Tuesday, Nov. 12.
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