Dating apps allowing kids to sign up, saving personal information, FTC says

A new warning for parents whose young children have cellphones.

Reports show some dating apps are allowing people as young as 12 to create profiles. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said the apps Meet24, Fast Meet and Meet4U appear to be violating federal rules.

The agency is demanding the apps be removed from app stores until Wildec LLC, the company that makes them, addresses the allegations.

The FTC said the Ukraine-based company violated rules that require anyone collecting information from children under 13 to notify parents and get parental consent.

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Wildec said its policies prohibit users under 12, but all three of the apps failed to block sign-ups for people who indicated they were younger and allowed those kids to be in contact with other users.

The FTC sent a warning letter urging the company to remove all personal information from children on the three apps.

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Concerned parents can remove these apps if they see them on their child's phone or electronic device.

Parents can also change settings on phones and tablets to require parental approval before anything can be downloaded.
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