Rapper T.I. says he takes daughter to gynecologist to confirm she's still a virgin

Rapper T.I. is receiving criticism on social media after he revealed on a podcast that he takes his daughter to a gynecologist every year to verify she's still a virgin.

His daughter is now 18 years old.

The "Whatever You Like" and "Live Your Life" rapper commented on the "Ladies Like Us" podcast that he gets his daughter to waive her privacy rights, so the doctor can share the information. He also commented that because of that, he's positive she's not sexually active.

But virginity testing is not a proven scientific way to determine if someone has had sex.

The World Health Organization has called for an end to the tests.

The agency issued a statement that reads in part:

"Virginity testing" reinforces stereotyped notions of female sexuality and gender inequality. The examination can be painful, humiliating and traumatic. Given that these procedures are unnecessary and potentially harmful, it is unethical for doctors or other health providers to undertake them."

T.I. received backlash and support online.

"I feel so bad for his daughter," one user said.

Another defended the rapper, commenting, "I wish my dad cared enough about me to make sure I was saving myself for the right one."

So far, T.I. hasn't spoken about the matter, but his daughter did like some of the comments slamming him on Twitter.


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