7-year-old dies after ATV accident in Catawba County

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Travis Belton
Travis Belton
image courtesy WSOC

CATAWBA COUNTY -- A young boy died at the hospital after an ATV flipped over onto him while taking a short ride.

Seven-year-old Travis Belton was visiting family and helping unload the ATV from a truck when he asked to take a short ride.

Within minutes, his family said something happened and they found the ATV on top of him. He was rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries and later died. His family told WSOC the child was not wearing a helmet.

"Sometimes we let stuff slide, you know, it's OK, you're just putting it in the building," Travis' father Jimmy told WSOC. "Those two seconds just taking it to the building can take everything."

His family described Travis as a bright, selfless young boy. He had just graduated from first grade and received the "lifesaver award," given to a student for their positive and kind nature.

"Cherish every moment," Jimmy Belton said. "When you lose a child, you lose a part of your soul."

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