Hip Hop Dancers Find Unlikely Beat With Venezuelan Violinist

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Hip Hop Dancers Form Unlikely Mashup with Violinist
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When a group of hip hop dancers heard a violinist from Venezuela playing on the streets of New York City, an epic friendship was born!

NEW YORK -- "In Venezuela, when I make music I get arrested. Here, I make music and people dance." Crowds from all over the world gather on the streets of New York to watch this unlikely mashup of a violinist and hip-hop dancers.

Even though this violinist doesn't speak much english, it's his music that bridged the gap between two unlikely worlds. When a group of hip-hop dancers called the Harlem Shakers heard him play, they spontaneously started to dance. From there, they learned more about where the violinist came from and the hardships he endured growing up in Venezuela.