Wake County woman's crafts launches booming DIY business

WAKE COUNTY, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A Wake County woman started a DIY-business in her home that's growing so big, she just opened her own store and is in talks with major retailers to sell her products.

Catherine Pooler has been showing people how to create personalized cards using rubber stamps, ink, stencils, and paper for years. She started making YouTube videos with step-by-step instructions.

She gained a following of crafters from all over the world.

"I think my most viewed video a year or so ago, last time I looked, was over 200,000 views," Pooler shared.

The comments section on her videos is filled with people's posts and questions.

"People were interacting online and I thought, what if I had a membership site where they could pay a small fee every month and they would have access to more content from me and they could chat with me and other designers?"

So, Pooler created Stamp Nation, an online resource for all things stamping.

"Stamp Nation is a place to share your love of crafting with kindred spirits around the world," Pooler explained.

Stampers can ask and answer questions, watch tutorials, and share ideas. She sells memberships, kits, and products from her own Catherine Pooler stamp and ink line. Her love of crafting is now a business and a brand.

"To be able to go online and there's a group of 1,000 people who love what you do and you're able to chat day or night," Pooler shared, "it's just magic."

Pooler doesn't have a business degree but she did take an online business course when her videos gained popularity. She said the key to success if to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and to open yourself to opportunity.

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