Watch out for the Social Security scam

Imagine this: Your phone rings. You answer, and on the other side is someone threatening and demanding action, saying they are from the Social Security Administration and that you owe money.

No matter what the caller says after that, hang up and do not give any personal information.

That call is what's known as the social security scam. While it's been around for years, the scam continues to hit people hard, especially this time of year.

One viewer emailed Troubleshooter Diane Wilson saying, "I had a phone call from a deeply voiced recording identifying as Social Security Administration. It alleged a lawsuit by the government was being initiated against me. I was instructed to call a number but hung up as I knew it was a scam. Worried about the elderly who would be scared into following instructions."

If you talk with the scammers, they will ask for your personal information and tell you to clear up the lawsuit or any troubles you will need to pay up.

They will ask for payment via gift cards or wire transfer, which should be a big red flag that it's a scam.

One person got a voicemail that stated that his social security number would be suspended if he didn't take action.

Despite the several warnings that these calls are bogus, people continue to fall for it and lose money to the scam and also put their personal information at risk.

More information about the scam can be found on the Office of the Inspector General Social Security Administration's website.

Remember no government agency will ask for money on gift cards or wire transfers. They also don't call without warning. If you get a call, just hang up.

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