'Like a knight in shining armor:' Woman says man pulled her out of flooded car in Wake Forest

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- A woman is looking for the man she said saved her life on Saturday after her car got stuck in floodwater in Wake Forest.

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Dajah Gladden said she was driving on Ligon Mill Road when she came around a curve and saw a stopped car. She said before she had the chance to stop, the water was pulling her car.

"I was not even like a hydroplane where I had control, the water just took the front two tires and I couldn't even steer."

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Full interview with Dajah Gladden

Gladden said her car ended up in a ditch that was already flooded. However, she wasn't in there long before someone came to her rescue.

"Before I could realize it, someone was opening my passenger door, pulling me out of the car," Gladden said. "A lot of people tried to stop and help so I am so thankful for that."

While Gladden is safe, her car wasn't so lucky.

"The engine has completely died and there's water all throughout the car," Gladden said. "I've had this car for three years. One more year and she'd be paid off."

While she's dealing with her car, she also wants to find the man who came to her aid.

"All I know is he had on camouflage and he picked me up like a knight in shining armor, and so I am just so thankful. As soon as he got me out of the car he got in his truck and left."

Gladden has just one message for that mystery man.

"I just want to say thank you for just taking the time. Not everybody would have stopped to help, but thank you for taking the time. He walked right through the water as if it wasn't even there and was like, 'I got her. I got her.'"
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