Woolsey Fire animal rescue: Reporter helps burned cat get emergency care

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Friday, November 9, 2018
Woolsey Fire: Reporter helps burned cat get emergency care
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Veronica Miracle has the latest on the cat progress of the burned by the Woolsey fire and rescued by firefighters.

OAK PARK, Calif. -- A cat is now getting the care he needs after being pulled from a burning house that was completely destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

ABC7 reporter Veronica Miracle took over caring for the cat after firefighters rescued him from the home in Oak Park, California.

"The roof has completely come off of the house," Miracle said of the home the animal was rescued from, adding of the cat, "His whiskers are all singed off."

Miracle had trouble finding a place to take the cat because shelters were overwhelmed or at risk from the fire. Miracle and her photographer tried to keep the cat comfortable inside their van.

After making several calls, they were able to find a place that could care for the cat and rushed him there.

The cat is now being cared for in the ICU. He seems stable and his prognosis is fair. Though he suffered a full burn on one of his legs, his coat protected him from direct flame exposure.