Counselors Not Cops: Parents, activists petition Wake County for fewer officers in schools

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Counselors not cops.

That's what some parents and advocates are pushing for in Wake County schools.

They want the district to put money toward two petitions that they believe will ensure the safety of students and especially of those in under-served communities.

"As a student, I see the necessities we need in our schools," said Uriel Rodriguez, 8th grader at Ligon Middle School. "As a Hispanic student, we face obstacles in certain occasions."

One petition is called the Peace Builders -- activists want more psychologists and nurses in schools versus police officers.

Another wants Wake County Public Schools to ensure police officers cannot come into any schools around the county to detain students.

"Wake County Public Schools should be clear and deny any petition from ICE that gives them access to students information," Rodriguez said.

Groups like the ACLU have made clear it's highly unlikely for a group like ICE or Customs and Border Patrol to come into schools to do immigration enforcement.

Wake County Schools has long had standards when it comes to discrimination on the basis of someone's national origins.

The school said when officers question students, they should try and avoid embarrassing that student in front of teachers and classmates.

In addition, law enforcement's questioning should be done in a way so students don't miss class time. Any questioning should also be done in a private room and if a parent can't be there, the principal must be.
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