How to Extract DNA from a Strawberry

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Extract DNA from a strawberry
BASF Science Club extracts DNA from a strawberry in this experiment.

Have you ever wondered how scientists extract DNA from organisms? Watch this video and discover how to make your very own DNA extraction kit with a strawberry and a few household items!

The objective of this experiment is to use basic chemical techniques to isolate DNA from a strawberry. Students can relate the molecule of DNA as common to all plants and animals as the chemical that holds genetic information.

Click here to download a PDF of the experiment to print & recreate with your kids at home!

About DNA

DNA is found in the cells of every living organism. It is incredibly small, but we can see it by extracting DNA and isolating chains of it.

The soap solution contains sodium laurel sulfate, which can break up fats and proteins. During the DNA extraction, the soap pulls apart the fats (lipids) and proteins that make up the membranes surrounding the cell and nucleus. Once these membranes are broken apart, the DNA is released from the cell. The salt enables the DNA strands to come together, or aggregate.

The DNA precipitates out of the solution when the alcohol is added. The alcohol separates the DNA from the other cell components, which are left behind in the water solution.

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