Raleigh artist incorporates alphabet in mural scavenger hunt around city

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh has seen many new murals recently, but one unique project features 26 murals consisting of each letter of the alphabet and the #TheAlphabetProjectNC.

Morgan Cook is the artist behind the murals. Cook was raised in the Triangle and recently relocated back to Raleigh opening MCK Creative studio working on his craft full-time.

"I just got inspired like we all do," Cook explained. "I saw somebody else do a similar project with a real estate developer, and I thought that would be really cool to kind of bring that and put a twist on it. So, I just went around and did a lot of legwork like networking on social media and then like just going to all the different businesses."

Cook said #TheAlphabetProjectNC is a passion project. He anticipated completing all 26 letters by the end of 2020 but had to put the project on hold with the pandemic. So far, nine letters are up around the city on a greenway and buildings including one in North Hills as well as inside NoRa Cafe in their library area. Cook said he likes the locations to be in surprising places creating a scavenger-hunt twist.

"Everything is on social media these days," Cook said. "So, I figured like, why not make a cool photo op by putting these letters in these weird random places, and then people can take photos with them and tag them."

Cook funds the project himself and has started a GoFundMe to help with the cost of the paint. He said he is always looking to partner with businesses or buildings to continue the project.
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