'Living their best life.' Animal center finds goat, dog duo a forever home in North Carolina

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Thursday, March 30, 2023
'Unlikely' goat, dog duo getting a new home
Goat Cinnamon and dog Felix will be heading to a new home. The inseparable duo will leave Wake County Animal Center soon.

If you like happy endings, and we all do, you'll love this one!

It looks like the 'unlikely' goat and dog duo that have been living at the Wake County Animal Center has a forever home! ABC11 first brought you the inseparable besties story on Monday.

The center notified ABC11 Wednesday that Cinnamon, the goat and Felix the dog will be leaving for their new home by the end of the week, just as they had hoped.

The shelter says the two will be able to live out their years together at a Johnston County farm. The Wake County Animal Center said they found the farm after reaching out to a long-time national rescue partner and a local foster family they previously worked with.

"We are so blessed to be able to foster Felix and Cinnamon!" said Jacqui Bankes, the new proud owner of the dynamic duo. "As their forever foster, we are excited to keep them together and also integrate them with our other goats and dogs, after appropriate testing and quarantine. Thank you to Wake County and Mr. Mo Project for making this possible for us!"

Cinnamon and Felix (Photo: Wake County Animal Center)

Chris and Mariesa Hughes of the Mr. Mo Project have also agreed to pay for Cinnamon and Felix's health care for the rest of their lives. Felix received all the necessary preventative care and has been neutered by the Animal Center veterinarians.

The duo initially came to the shelter for temporary housing after the owner was hospitalized. They were eventually surrendered and remained at the shelter until now.

WATCH original story | 'Unlikely' goat, dog duo living in harmony as inseparable besties at Wake County Animal Center

There is an unlikely duo staying right now at the Wake County Animal Center--a goat and a dog who are inseparable.

Workers at the center told ABC11 on Monday they noticed a special bond between the two soon after they arrived. Director Dr. Jennifer Federico says usually you don't mix species, but these two animals have a special bond, unlike anything staff, has ever seen.

"It shows things are possible and they don't see the difference," said Federico.

In the playpen area, the odd couple will run around and chase each other.

Cinnamon, in particular, is extremely attached to Felix. The goat will whine and cry whenever the dog is taken away. Staff isn't sure how old either of them are, but have learned strangely enough that the goat is house-trained.

The BFFs story went viral and the internet fell in love with them. The center' director Dr. Jennifer Federico said their story was spreading all over social media and in national media including The Washington Post and People Magazine. Thousands of people liked, shared, and retweeted their story and dozens of animal lovers called in to offer their help.

"This was the best outcome we could hope for!," Dr. Federico said.