'Unlikely' goat, dog duo living in harmony as inseparable besties at Wake County shelter

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Monday, March 27, 2023
Goat, dog duo living in harmony as BFFs at Wake Animal Center
There is an unlikely duo staying right now at the Wake County Animal Center--a goat and a dog who are inseparable.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- There is an unlikely duo staying right now at the Wake County Animal Center. A goat and dog, who are bonded, are sharing a kennel and have even been snapped by staff cuddling in their kennel.

Director Dr. Jennifer Federico says usually you don't mix species, but these two animals have a special bond, unlike anything staff, has ever seen.

"It shows things are possible and they don't see the difference," said Federico.

In the playpen area, the odd couple will run around and chase each other.

The goat is named Cinnamon and the dog is Felix.

Cinnamon, in particular, is extremely attached to Felix. The goat will whine and cry whenever the dog is taken away.

Wednesday, ABC11 learned, that Cinnamon and Felix are getting a new home--together! An out-of-state rescue organization is helping the duo.

The Wake County Animal Center director confirms to ABC11 that the duo is staying in the area and going to a family in NC.

The duo initially came to the shelter in protective custody. The owner was hospitalized and eventually, the two were surrendered.

Goat Cinnamon, Dog Felix inseparable at Wake County Animal Center

'That's not a normal combination," said Federico. "Usually, we have dogs attacking goats so this is just a very unusual group."

Staff isn't sure how old either of them is, but have learned strangely enough that the goat is actually house-trained.

"These guys obviously have been raised together and spent a lot of time together," said Federico.

"This is not the ideal environment for a goat to stay long-term," said Federico. "Cinnamon is so attached to Felix, to just cold separate them, would not be humane."

There has been an interest, but mostly just in Cinnamon.

Staff is worried about what'll happen if they separate the two, and are trying to make them a package deal.

"They get along great. They hang out in their kennel. Even with the stress of the shelter, they've been doing great, so they're kind of a cute pair," said Federico.

There are some strong leads, but no commitments. Staff hopes to find a new home for the unlikely pair by Friday.