Victim accuses BBQ chain owner of rape


Normally /*Eyewitness News*/ does not identify alleged rape victims, but the man you filed the lawsuit wants to tell his side of the story.

The man says he saw /*Gregory Moore*/'s family and friends call him a spurned boyfriend during a television report. That's when he decided to go public.

Pictures of the victim are at the center of the controversy.

Tommy Desimone is a former butler for Moore, who is the owner of /*Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q*/. Desimone is suing Moore for sexual harassment.

In published reports, Moore says the pictures were given to him by Desimone and the pictures prove the two were consensual lovers.

"It's a weak, desperate attempt to cover up," Desimone said.

Desimone is not only suing Moore in civil court, but he also alleges he was sexually assaulted by Moore while recovering from a motorcycle wreck and while under the influence of medication.

Victims of such criminal allegations are often afforded anonymity, but Desimone wanted to publicly explain why Moore is in possession of the pictures.

"I was fired and escorted off of the property, and I did not and was not allowed to gather my personal belongings," Desimone claimed.

He says the pictures, some taken of himself with a timer and some taken on Moore family vacations, prove nothing.

Moore is also in possession of greeting cards he says were sent to him by Desimone, providing further proof the two had a romantic relationship.

Desimone says that's also a lie and some of the cards were given to his girlfriend who left them with Moore.

The former butler also says Johnston County investigators are looking into his criminal allegations of rape and have tested his truthfulness.

"Mr. Moore knows what he did on May 17, and that's what I want him to answer to," Desimone said. "I've taken a lie detector [test]. I've come out 100 percent truthful. Now it's his turn. And I look forward to the day I see him in court."

Representatives for Moore, who have previously spoken publicly on his behalf, say they've now been told by his attorney to refrain from public comments.

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