UNC campuses hate crime remains hot topic

CHAPEL HILL The discussion stems from racist graffiti that was written on the NC State campus following the November presidential election.

The graffiti, which was written on NC Sate's Freedom Expression Tunnel, included racial slurs referencing President-elect Barack Obama.

Members of the commission, which was created to review the incident, wanted feedback from students, faculty and staff. The commission wants to determine if there should be a university-wide policy addressing hate crimes.

"I don't think it's everyone," NC State student C.J. Guion said. "I think it's just a few select people, ignorant people, who have crazy ideas."

The four students who were held responsible for the graffiti were not charged with a crime, and their names were never released to the public.

Students held unity rallies in November and signed their names to a statement condemning hate speech.

They even created a unity chain out of paper. At least 600 students asked for harsher punishment.

"We need to stand up and let whoever wrote that stuff on the free expression tunnel know that it's not gonna be tolerated," NC State student Jessica Lane said.

The UNC Study Commission to Review Student Codes of Conduct as they Relate to Hate Crimes recommendations will go directly to UNC President Erskine Bowles. Feedback from Thursday's meeting will be presented to the UNC Board of Governors.

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