Pennsylvania town celebrates Christmas early for 6-year-old girl fighting brain cancer

ULSTER TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania -- Neighbors in one Pennsylvania community brought an early Christmas for a young girl fighting inoperable brain cancer.

When a community in Ulster Township found out 6-year-old Ariah Cook was sick, they decided to brighten her world by putting up Christmas decorations a few months early.

Ariah is currently undergoing chemotherapy and her neighbors wanted to help her smile while she fights for her life.

"I have some past family history with this so I'm very familiar with it, but just to bring happiness to our hometown small community is really what it's all about and to know, and they know, that we're here for them for anything," Jody Davidson said.

When Ariah got out of the hospital after a five-day stay, several area fire companies showed up to escort her home in style.
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