Asheville woman discovers bear inside her home

Thursday, October 15, 2015
An Asheville woman says a bear opened an unlocked door to her home and went inside.
An Asheville woman says a bear opened an unlocked door to her home and went inside.
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ASHEVILLE -- It's common for people in the mountains to see bears. It's a different situation when people see bears in their house.

That's what happened Tuesday night to one Asheville woman, WLOS reports.

The owner says the bear opened an unlocked door to an apartment on top of her detached garage where her daughter stays. It was closed, but the bear pulled down on the handle and came in.

Mya, the mother, noticed the door was open at a time when her daughter should have been at work. She went to look inside, and saw a bear.

"I wasn't happy. I was more excited than scared. I just wanted to make sure my dog and I were safe," Mya said.

She left and called 911. Mya says the bear was eating her cat food.

"I had my door closed, but it wasn't locked. So, the bear decided that was an open invitation to walk in and have dinner," Mya said.

She says she felt bad for the unwanted guest.

"She was trying to get out. I was watching her at the window clawing and knocking the blinds down and she was just frantic. I saw her knock the blinds down and try to get out, but she couldn't," Mya said.

The bear damaged a crawl space and put a foot through the sheet rock.

"My damage was minimal compared to what it could've been. So, I feel fortunate and I'm fortunate that the bear wasn't harmed and was able to leave. I hope she doesn't come back," Mya said.

The bear took off after a first responder banged on the ceiling of the garage. The experience changed how Mya lives.

"The biggest lesson I learned is keep your doors locked all the time," she said.

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