She wanted a Bad Bunny holiday display, so her dad delivered and it went viral

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Monday, December 26, 2022
Meet the man who built the viral Bad Bunny Christmas light display
This video is a must-see! The kaleidoscopic lights dance to the Latin singer's popular song "Tití me Preguntó." The man behind the festive idea breaks down how he made it all happen in the video above.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A 13-year-old Houston girl wanted a Bad Bunny holiday display, so her father delivered, and it went viral.

All is bright at Frankie To-ong's home, where a multitude of candy canes, string lights, snowflakes, and a Christmas tree's light up to the beat of the Puerto Rican singer's "Tití me Preguntó" from his latest album, "Un Verano Sin Ti."

To-ong has put up a yearly show since 2012, and this holiday season, his daughter asked for a Bad Bunny sequence to follow up last year's tributes to Lil Jon and Drake.

"I started thinking about what to do with the lights back in the summer," To-ong told The Washington Post. "And I was talking to my co-worker, Daisy, who's also a Bad Bunny fan, and I asked, 'If I was going to do a song, which one do you think would be big?' And she's like, 'Tití' is going to be huge.'"

Daisy was right.

"Tití me Preguntó" not only won "Best Urban" song title at the Latin Grammys last month, but it was among the five most streamed tracks on Spotify this year.

And just like the song, To-ong's montage also blew up on TikTok, receiving over 7.7 million views.

To-ong told The Washington Post that people started lining up and down his street in hopes of catching the viral hit.

"It only took me about two hours to have it fully programmed," he said.

Though the kaleidoscopic number of lights dancing to reggaetón looks like it was crafted by a tech wizard. Throughout the "Tití me Preguntó" light special, the names of Bad Bunny's "girlfriends" and their countries' flags flash as the singer lists them.

Even though the sequence has been one of To-ong's most popular displays this year, it's not the one he's proudest of. In honor of the Astros winning the World Series, he put together an entire homage of lights in celebration.

"I went all out for that one," To-ong said. "The whole game is narrated by incorporating Philadelphia anthems and Houston anthems and bits from the game. I call it next-level storytelling with Christmas lights."

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