Leftover Halloween candy is for the "birds!" Creative things to do with leftover candy

Here are two creative and delicious ways to use leftover Halloween candy.

1: "Candy corn Turkeys"

(the kids can help make these too!)

Insert candy corn into one side of a sandwich cookie, (I pipe in a bit of icing where the candy corn is placed to ensure it will stay in place).

Pipe a bit of icing on the front of the cookie. Place a mini Reeses cup at the base of the icing, then a malted milk ball above it (for the turkey head), pipe a dot of icing on the malted milk ball then place the white tip off a candy corn on that dot of icing to make the turkey's nose. Take a second sandwich cookie, twist it in half. Then place the decorated cookie on top of the split cookie half with frosting as a base. (see video above)

2: Candy corn trail mix

This is one of Big Weather's favorites. He mixes candy corn with salted peanuts! The sweet and salty combination is delicious!

That's Sweet!

If you have great ideas on how to use leftover Halloween candy or other great recipes and tips, send them in to barbara.gibbs@abc11.com
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