Bay Area Children's Theatre 'Play On!' brings the magic of musical theater into your home

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
'Play On!' brings the magic of musical theater into your home
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Bay Area Children's Theatre offers kids the opportunity to create their own musical at home.

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Bay Area Children's Theatre has been serving kids through professional musical theatre for 17 years.

"Pre-COVID, we were serving an audience of 175,000 people per year through live theatre engagement," says Bay Area Children's Theatre CEO and Founder Nina Meehan.

When the company closed its doors due to the pandemic, Meehan recognized a creative void in the community.

"Parents and kids and grandparents needed engagement so much during that original first shelter-in-place," Meehan recalls. "We just pivoted and figured out how to reinvent."

Meehan and her team felt the show must go on and they dreamt up "Play On!", a screen-free audio musical subscription box.

"We developed this idea of not just an audio musical, not just a box that is a story engagement activity," Meehan explains, "What happens when you put them together...the kids get to literally create a little musical right there in their living room."