Durham police release body cam video in deadly officer-involved shooting after domestic incident

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Durham Police Department released body camera footage Thursday from an officer-involved shooting back in March that left a 30-year-old man dead.

Ondrea Hutchinson, 30, was shot and killed by officers March 30 after they responded to a home on Bevel Court.

A woman, later identified as Hutchinson's girlfriend, had called 911, saying he was damaging property and scaring their child.

Officials said he threw several objects at her inside the house and smashed a TV over his own head.

A 5-day report released by the department said that two initial officers tried to talk to Hutchinson, as he yelled and ranted. It also said he continued to refuse the officers' commands with physical and verbal aggression. DPD said Hutchinson grabbed an officer's gun, then punched the officer. By the end of the struggle, there were four officers involved. One of the officers deployed a Taser to no effect, police said.

The officers involved in the incident were identified as Officer R.E. Jimenez, Officer J.W. Lanier, Officer E.I. Masnik and Officer B.L. Mouzon.

Footage released by police on Thursday showed officers approaching the house as Hutchinson was outside screaming.

"I am going to make something happen to you, I am going to make something happen to you because I am Godly," Hutchinson said.

Officer Masnik then asked Hutchinson to come over to her. To which he replied: "Man, stop it ... (sic) you can't do nothing."

In the video, you can see Hutchinson enter the garage of the home and start to argue with officers in front of his girlfriend and child.

Officers asked him to go outside, saying they would handcuff him if he didn't comply.

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Body cam video of the Durham officer involved shooting

After a few minutes, he screamed at his girlfriend to go get his phone so he could "go live."

As officers tried to place the handcuffs on him, Hutchinson began to struggle.

"Get off of me," he yelled. "Why y'all can't handle me? You ain't never seen no (expletive) like... I'm telling you... you can't do nothing."

As the struggle ensued, Hutchinson punched one of the officers.

Officials said he grabbed Officer Lanier's weapon and wouldn't let go, even though the officers told Hutchinson they would shoot him if he didn't.

At one point, an officer called out for Hutchinson to be "Tased."

He was hit with the stun gun and ended up against the trunk of a car with an officer on his back. An officer yelled, "Let go of the gun." And seconds later, three shots were fired.

The last thing heard on the video is an officer calling out "CPR."

Hutchinson's mother Vanrea Lynch spoke with ABC11 in April, saying that she needed closure.

"I need some answers," Lynch said. "As a mother, I need some answers, so I can have peace."

She told ABC11 she was surprised there was a struggle because her son was so skinny.

"It's four police against one little skinny man," she said. "He's real small. He's probably about as small as his brother. And you mean to tell me four people had to just fire a shot?"

According to the 5-day report, only one officer fired.

Earlier this month, the Durham County District Attorney's Office announced it would not be seeking criminal charges in the shooting.

"The evidence from this investigation establishes that a reasonable officer...would have believed that he and the other officers were in danger of imminent deadly physical force" from Hutchinson.
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