Jury finds Brian Sluss guilty of first-degree murder involving domestic violence

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Thursday, April 28, 2022
Brian Sluss found guilty of murder in death of Monica Moynan
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The jury in the Brian Sluss trial found Sluss guilty of first-degree murder involving domestic violence in the death of Monica Moynan.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The jury in the Brian Sluss trial has found Sluss guilty of first-degree murder involving domestic violence. Sluss was on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Monica Moynan in 2019.

"We the jury, by unanimous verdict, find the defendant Brian Sluss to be guilty of first-degree murder involving domestic violence," the jury foreman announced.

The jury made quick work of the evidence presented by the prosecution. It took just an hour's worth of deliberation before reaching its verdict.

Moynan disappeared in 2019 and her body has never been found. She was 22 years old.

Sluss was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole.

"This has been a long time in the making," said Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Pomery. "The only thing I've always wanted is to bring her body home, and I couldn't do that for them and that's a regret I will always have but to get this justice for them means everything."

While Sluss showed no visible emotion, Moynan's family was overcome with emotion.

"Brian Sluss is a predator, he stalks his prey, he grooms and manipulates and schemes and steals and cheats and kills," said Melanie Tucker, Moynan's mother. "He is a disgusting monster and deserves the worst punishment possible. He ended the life of a beautiful strong-willed independent, fun and intelligent young mom, daughter sister and friend. Mony was a force to be reckoned with."

Sluss' family declined to talk after the verdict.

Sluss took the witness stand Wednesday to testify in his defense.

The defense team called Sluss to testify in the morning, painting a timeline of how and where he and Moynan met and their relationship through the years.

On Tuesday the courtroom was shown a video of Sluss punching a girl believed to be one of his daughters.

Prosecutors used that video, in addition to surveillance video of Sluss pacing and double-checking locks on doors and windows, to try to convince the jury of his guilt.

"Monica Moynan was my child. I carried her inside my body. I was there for every event small or large," Tucker said. "I wiped away her tears and held her. I took care of every bump and bruise. I helped her fill out job applications. I was present for the birth of both of her babies. I caught Nova when Mony gave birth to her. Mony was my daughter first and always and when she grew up Mony was also my friend and I loved her very much."

He is the first person charged under Britny's Law with first-degree murder involving domestic violence because of a previous domestic violence conviction against Moynan.

"This is definitely justice for Monica, but also for Britny and her family," said Assistant District Attorney Melanie Shekita.