Cam Newton, Sports Center, swag, and a fox tail?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Cam Newton sported a fox tail Monday night, November 24, 2015, on ESPN's SportsCenter

Cam Newton, a man known for his so-called "swag" turned a couple of heads on SportsCenter Monday sporting a fox tail.

Newton, appearing at his annual Thanksgiving Jam which feeds nearly 900 children in Charlotte, took to the podium with the fashion accessory hanging from his belt.

"It was a fox tail," Newton said on Monday night's "SportsCenter." "It was a fox tail, man. You know, a lot of people can wear it and a lot of people can't. I think I'm fortunate that I have the swag to be able to pull it off."

Later in the program ESPN's Scott Van Pelt asked Newton about the recent controversy surrounding his on field antics.

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"Honestly, a lot has been said about my antics over the years," Newton told Van Pelt. "A lot has been critiqued over who I am, but it's really null and void and I could really care less about most of it. The thing that I care most about is the impact that I have on young America, the youth, what they see. When I see a kid doing my end zone dance or my first down dab or whatever you may call it, it just goes to show I have influence. My mic is always on, whether I want it on or if I don't. I'm always under the camera or watchful eye and I try to make the most of it."

Newton and the Panthers take on the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving at 4:30 and ABC11's Mark Armstrong will be in Dallas for all the action. Catch Marks reports here online and on ABC11.

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