California woman, 3-time cancer survivor also beats COVID-19 after lengthy hospitalization

Michaels is from Simi Valley, near Los Angeles

ByRachel Brown KABC logo
Friday, April 23, 2021
Welcome home: Simi Valley cancer survivor, 79, beats COVID
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"I'm one of the lucky ones." A 79-year-old Simi Valley woman who survived cancer was welcomed home with a drive-by parade after she beat COVID-19.

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. -- A 79-year-old southern California woman who survived cancer three times was welcomed home with a drive-by parade after she beat COVID-19.

Neighbors, firefighters and even the Simi Valley Police Department were on hand for Sue Michael's homecoming parade.

"I'm one of the lucky ones," Michael said.

She's survived three bouts of cancer and now adds coronavirus to the list of diseases she's battled.

Michael spent two months fighting the virus in the hospital and still needs oxygen to this day.

"I was in the hospital for the second day, and I lost everything. I lost my breath. I lost all my muscle tone. I couldn't get up and walk. I couldn't do anything," she explained.

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Her daughter fought the virus, too.

"You can't breathe. You feel like an elephant's on your chest," Christy Luevano described.

Miraculously, Michael survived and was elated to return to her Simi Valley home of six decades.

"I feel wonderful right now, being home with my family and my friends and everybody," she said.

She was greeted by neighbors near and far with balloons and well wishes for her continued recovery.

"They're all so wonderful and supportive," Michael said, smiling.